• Dec. 7, 1919 – Cornerstone was laid.

  • June 12, 1920 – Official opening.

  • 1st Floor – Originally housed pool tables, showers, lockers, and bowling alleys.

  • 2nd Floor – Divided in the center by a ten-foot hall, this floor housed
    four reception rooms, a library, dormitory, kitchen, director’s office, and four game rooms.

  • 3rd Floor – Entirely a dance and athletic hall, measuring 100′ x 60′, making it one of the best basketball floors in the Midwest.

  • 1911 – The Calumet Club spanned nearly 20 years, starting in this year.
    811 – Active members during the Club’s peak. $1.50 – Monthly dues for members whose objectives were companionship, exemplar sportsmanship, and community involvement.

  • 1917 – After a devastating tornado struck New Albany, all Club activity was abandoned for relief work.

  • 1932 – The demise of the Club is attributed partially to the economic factors of Great Depression, the automobile, and opportunity for other types of entertainment.

  • 1966 – The Club sponsored many reunions and donated two plaques to the then-newly-completed Community Park.

  • 1975 – Thirty Club members met to establish a trust fund, one purpose of which was to established Calumet marker in Fairview Cemetery.

  • $6,000 – The approximate amount of remaining funds donated to the city of New Albany in the late 1980s.